May 9, 2009

The New Album

So as stated in a previous post we started thinking about this album in September last year. Truth be told this was the album we were thinking about before we laid down any tracks for ‘Blueprints’. It wasn’t till after Christmas that we really upped the game in terms of recording. Now, in early/mid May this is where we are at

Recorded ready for final Mix:

  • This Creation

  • Penelope

  • Dazed

  • Control

  • Wake

  • Aftermath (Working title)

  • Messages

  • Art of Conversation (Duet with Kristy)

    Still to record:

  • Sleepwalkers

  • Blazing Uttoxeter

    There are a couple of other ideas that may still develop into new tracks and make the final shortlist.

    Ideally all recording and mixing will be finished for the end of May. Next comes a few weeks of just listening to the tracks and working out which make the album and if any more tweaks are needed. During those weeks we will also make decisions about artwork, tracklisting and Album title. Next will come a bit of ‘Promo’ time to try and get the word out as much as possible about the album. Then it is release time. Realistically I think that will be in July.

    Although nothing is set in stone yet, the album should be available as a worldwide download and a hard copy at gigs. There will be some kind of release party and there are talks about that being professionally video recorded.

    There are a few more developments on the horizon but are to early to discuss so keep checking back.

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