August 6, 2013

The Fosberry Festival – The New Fest On The Block

I find it fascinating how gigs come about, how one gig can lead to another gig and the gaining of new fans. A month or two back we played a small gig as part of Folk on the Water 2013. The gig was great to play, the audience seemed nice and we generally had a good gig. Little did we know that in the audience were Sally & Helen, two lovely ladies that happened to like our performance. They got hold of our music and liked us enough to pop over to The Godiva festival and attempt to catch our set. I say attempt, as they actually went to the wrong stage (our fault for poor directions) and only caught our last song. Upon hearing about us playing Taylor Johns in Coventry, they dragged themselves along and managed to see us rock that night. On that very eve we mentioned our love of house gigs and before we knew it, we were booked to play a special street party for the ladies and their neighbours that took place last Saturday.

With the weather a little dodgy in Nuneaton, we headed over to Warwick expecting the street party to have relocated and morphed in to a house party however, the rain had bypassed Warwick and we entered the little cul-de-sac with the sun in tow. All the neighbours and friends were gathered in the middle of the street and people were lapping up the rays whilst knocking back Pina Coladas. They had really gone to town with bunting, loads of food and what seemed like beer on tap. Everyone was friendly and made us feel extremely welcome on their turf.

We set up our stage and blasted through a set of around 10 songs. The usual Banter flowed and some extra special mistakes were deliberately (honest governor) thrown in. Sally greeted every song with a loud ‘I Love This One’ and we had some audience participation with a little coaxing. Judging by the kind words afterwards, we made a new fan or two….Maybe this will add to the tangled web of events that all stem from The Folk On The Water Gig?

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After we played we stayed for a while and chatted away with guests. Drunken plans were banded around to make this a yearly event and within seconds it had been named the Fosberry Festival. I’m pretty sure this is how Glastonbury started so watch out for Stones playing pretty soon (Obviously we shall be the headliners). The drinks continued to flow and Sally treated us to her own rendition of Cat Steven’s ‘Father & Son’ on her pink guitar. There is a video knocking around somewhere, but for now you will have to make do with this picture of her looking like the angriest person with a guitar ever!


We met some lovely people and were honoured that Sally and Helen wanted us to be a part of this special event. Thanks ladies



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Oh you have just made our day!!!! But I do deny that ive ever looked that angry before!!! had someone taken my Pina |Colada?????? Helen and I ,and the rest of the Close, really did have the most wonderful time.We are looking into gigs in warwick for you to play!!! Thank you for making us Famous (or at least Infamous!!!!!) Two very happy Fans xx


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