May 20, 2009

The Doghouse, 19/05/09 Loughboro – Review

There is only one word to discribe last nights gig – pointless.
There are some nights that you just know you’d wished you’d stayed in and watched the Apprentice and last night was a perfect example. Leaving Nuneaton around 7.30, we headed out to Loughboro (a few hours before we thought it was in Birmingham, thank God for the Internet). The ride over was pretty non-eventful apart from the discussion of the ‘New Tank’. The possibility of a new haircut and clothes gave the drive an added sparkle. Neither of us had ever been to Loughboro before and when we got there it looked fairly swanky, until the sat-nav (thank God for those too) told us to take a few turns left a few right and ended us up surrounded by council houses, run down factories, and girls with big fringes and even bigger earings. The actual venue is above a pub called The Greyhound and when we finally got in, it looked the part. Big stage, candles on tables etc. The crowd was sparse, 11, including us. As the promoter took to the stage at 8.30, we realised it was a pretty folky/bluesy place, maybe a bit too much for us.
As we were announced, the sudden absence of sound seemed to engulf us. Silence filled the room (lyric?). It took us a full 5 minutes to set up and tune, not usually a problem, but the 9 other pair of eyes were fixed on us for the whole time, with no other distraction apart from the flicker of the candles. Finally we plugged in, well actually we didn’t, we were miked up. Bit strange for us really as it was impossible for Jonathan to hear me. Whatever all the uncomfortable stares and silences, we kicked off. We played This Creation, Blazing Uttoxeter, Come Together, Messages, Aftermath, Seperate Divide and Dazed. After each song the ‘audience’ politely accepted us. Dazed ended and we rushed off stage with somewhat relief. The guy on after us was well versed in the blues, and it seemed that maybe, just maybe if we had played a 12 bar blues jam for half an hour we would have gone down better.

We can’t win them all though so we put it down to experience. On the plus side, it was a lovely place.


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