April 28, 2009

Taking over the Internet – Welcome

With our debut, yet untitled, album very nearly finished we have our heads firmly in ‘Promotion Land’. We really want to get our name and music out to as many people as possible. Thank heavens for the Internet! We can do so much without venturing out into the very mixed up weather outside. We’ve hit Twitter, ReverbNation, Myspace, Last FM and Facebook already without breaking a sweat and on the right hand side of this site you will see links to all of the above pages, click them and follow us, be our friend or become a fan at any or all of the above sites.

This very page you are reading is our next venture. Call it the central hub or the control centre for all of our Internet dwellings. Here you will be able to find out where we are playing, listen to some of our tracks, navigate through to our other sites and more importantly get all the news you need . The aim is to give you the latest news about what Barricades Rise are up to and also act as a place for us to vent our musings about all things that cross our mind. We promise we will keep them roughly relevant to the Barricades Rise masterplan.

Cheers all
Jonathan and Michael

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Looks good boys! Coming up in the world each and every day. Keep up the hard work! Will be back in UK soon so i will come and see ya as it’s been a long time. Take it easy!


Cheers Steve. Be great to see you again


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