April 14, 2016

Holy crap, a new post!

Hello there everyone. Just the 4 months passed this time around since our last blog!

The question on everyone’s* lips is what are we up to?

Well lets have a breakdown…

  1. Jonathan has gone 100% full-time self employed with his photography. He runs TWO businesses, one a wedding photography business called Coates & Stain and the other is his own work, for families and models which is at JSCoates.com
  2. Michael has continued to grow his bookshop The Big Comfy Bookshop and hosts music from across the globe.
  3. Together we’re actually slowly writing album 3 with regular** practices. We’ve so far got around 6-7 songs, at varying stages of completion.

Let’s revisit that 3rd point. Since January we’ve agreed to meet up once a week on a Monday evening to write and practice. Recording is a little way off as the studio is now located right beneath Jonathan’s sons room so we have to schedule in separately. We’ve written a few songs over the past few years, some of which have been played live several times such as Mexico and All I Wanted Was A Lover. These 2 are almost dead certs to be included. Add to these the ones we’ve crafted and the project is starting to come alive. The last month has been a write-off due to Work, illness and more work, but we’re back on it next week. The basic plan now is to find time in our schedule to grab an hour here and there for recording on top with continuous Monday sessions. It’s certainly different to how we recorded the last two albums, but I guess that’s part of the joy. New studio, new times, new sound.

We’ve only booked 2 gigs this year as we want to concentrate on writing and recording, but will add more local ones soon. On June 12th we head to Bedford and on Aug 19th we’re at Michaels bookshop. The 19th will be special as we have a few plans for that so keep your eyes peeled.

So that’s it so far. We’ve kept a few things close to our chest and won’t release any other news until we feel it’s right, but this year feels reeeeally positive.

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Michael and Jonathan.


*Jonathan’s mum.

**Pinch of salt required

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