January 22, 2014

First Gig of 2014

Last weekend saw us BR boys back on the gigging scene for the first time in 2014. Our venue was The Union Café Bar in Leamington Spa and the night was run by Matt Hernandez (a cracking musician himself).
It was our first time at the venue and we were shocked at how small and intimate it was. That’s not a bad thing as you get to see your whole audience and feel a little more connected. Matt greeted us with a free drink and the news of FREE FOOD. Obviously we didn’t want to be rude, so we choose a selection from the Tapas menu and it was amazing.

We took to the stage for a 30 minute set and played pretty good. Sure we were a little rusty from our two months of not gigging (or practicing really), but we gave it our all and went down well. New songs ‘Mexico’ and ‘All I Wanted Was A Lover’ made an appearance and they are both starting to feel a little more comfortable in the set.
Overall we enjoyed the night and got some beautiful comments from various audience member. Hopefully we shall see some back at future shows. Also, big thanks  to those lovely people that came specifically to see our ugly faces, means so much 🙂



We recently started back our weekly practice sessions and have concentrated our efforts on new material. Last night saw us taking a stab at ‘No Rope’ which is a Michael penned mid tempo folk tune and my piano based tune (at least on the recording), which is yet to be named. Both could well be in the live set pretty soon.
So for now, chow

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January 7, 2014

Happy New Year – Let 2014 Begin


Happy New Year to you all. We hope your Christmas was superb and you welcomed the New Year in with a drink in hand.


The BR Boys celebrating the New Year together

2014 will be a massive year for us on a band level. We hope to have album three written, recorded and out to you all before the end of the year, we have gigs building already, there are talks of maybe a live EP or an alternative take on our tunes EP and we really want to carry on building on what we have achieved over the last couple of years. We really hope you will all stay with us and ride this wave. To start off the year, here’s a great review from ‘Mixtape Couture’ on our album ‘All I Have is Here’ – When you get get words like “It’s folk music that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step” you cant help but think we did something right 🙂

On a personal level the year couldn’t be bigger either. Michael is opening The Big Comfy Bookshop which will finally see two years of hard work and ups and downs be worth it. He has lived and breathed this whilst not in dad or band mode and i’m excited to see his vision become a bricks and mortar reality. In the meantime, check his blog for updates on the build and book reviews. If you want a book, you can order from his online store here

I’ve got baby number two arriving in March/April time and I couldn’t be happier. Alex changed our lives so much (for the better) and I’m sure the second one will bring us more joy and love than we could imagine.


Alex enjoying a box far more than any toys he got from Santa

I’ve also upped my game with regards to my photography. I’ve been shooting more and more and developing my skills to a point where I’m starting to take on jobs and confidently delivering results. I’ve started to do weddings, studio and lifestyle portraits and anything else that comes my way to be honest. I’ve fallen in love with this and want to take things as far as I can. Check out my blog for the latest shoots

We will of course keep you up to date on band bits right here and urge you to like our Facebook page for daily doses of Barricades Rise news and banter. If Twitter is your bag, follow Barricades Rise here.

Once again, Happy New Year Barricites
Jonathan (and Michael once he figures out how to use this website)

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