June 30, 2014

Barricades Rise – FAIL

We really have been slack with the blog lately. I can’t believe it has been two months since we updated it with a new post. For that, we apologise 🙁
In one of the first blogs of this year I wrote

“2014 will be a massive year for us on a band level. We hope to have album three written, recorded and out to you all before the end of the year, we have gigs building already, there are talks of maybe a live EP or an alternative take on our tunes EP and we really want to carry on building on what we have achieved over the last couple of years. “

Let me address these points;

New Album written, recorded and released before 2014 – FAIL
Basically we are writing it and do plan to get some studio time in but it will not be released or indeed finished this year. Three new tunes are already regulars in the set and more will follow. Reasons for our failure below

Gigs Building – FAIL
We have gigged this year and still have a couple left but they are not building and we will not be booking anything else this side of Christmas. Reasons for our failure below

Talks of a Live EP or an Alternative take on our tunes – FAIL
This remained firmly in the ‘Talked about’ phase. I really want to do this still and we shall pursue it but again, not this year. Reasons for our failure below

Building on what we have achieved over the last couple of years – FAIL(ish)
This cant be classed a a total fail as we have continued to build our fan base and get out to play to our existing fanbase as much as we could. New songs have been written and we do have plans. Basically we just couldn’t push as hard this year

So why have our 2014 aims failed?
Basically, to achieve our aims and goals in our personal lives, the band has had to be the fall guy for us both this year. Think ‘Batman – The Dark Knight’. “Batman (The Band) is the hero Gotham (me and Michael) deserves, but not the one it needs right now”. It’s obviously when I put it like that isn’t it?
Put simply, what we had going on outside the band this year has had to take priority. Michael has a massive venture that he has been working on for nearly two years about to come to fruition. The Big Comfy Bookshop will RISE (more Batman references) in September and I urge you all to check it out. It’s not just a bookshop, it’s the Bookshop Gotham deserves……sorry. Its more than a bookshop, it’s a cultural centre that he hopes to create and so far, it’s looking like he will achieve this.


He got books, he sells books


I’ve had a second child this year and that has obviously taken my attention away from most things. He is amazing and coupled with my two year old and my wife, I feel blessed and couldn’t ask for more. I’ve also used this downtime to concentrate on my photography and build a sideline that I’m so excited about. It has grown from something I had an interest in to a passion that I fuel daily. I have shoots booked in constantly and love creating images. You can check out my website and blog here.


Daddy Time


One of my pics from a recent photoshoot

So where does this leave the band?
In the same place it was really. It is still a massive part of our lives and one we intend to take further and move forward with. We are not stopping during this period and we are meeting and writing but just not gigging or announcing dates for anything right now. We will be blogging, we will be tweeting, we will be Facebooking and I still hope to be putting together a little Christmas present for you all (I realised I’ve said Christmas twice in this blog and it is still June!!!!)

So to sign off this post,  we are still alive and we love you all for your support.
Jonathan (and Michael)


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April 24, 2014

Always Yours – A New Video

You may remember we did a gig in London a couple of month ago and posted a video of us playing Roundabout in our hotel room. During that session we also recorded a lovely laid back version of Always Yours which is taken from our album ‘All I Have Is Here’. Hope you like it…

If you like what you see/hear then please tweet it, post it, share it or whatever you kids do these days

Jonathan & Michael

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