August 13, 2007

Myspace Blog Archive : 2007 to 2009

********** Subject : Our new acoustic myspace
Posted Date: : 13 Aug 2007, 16:22 **********

As some of you may know, Michael and myself have been doing alot of acoustic shows alongside the full band. We still go under the IDLE HOLLOW but its really just the two of us playing acoustically. We have put this site together to show off this side of the band as alot of people have really enjoyed the acoustic stuff and want to hear more. This way we give people the option to look at both sides of the band and hopefully love them both but if you are more into mellow music then this should be your thing.

Anyway drop us some comments and let us know your views. Check the gig guide and come see us play. Trust me its worth it.


********** Subject : ALBUM ALBUM ALBUM
Posted Date: : 10 Jan 2008, 19:55 **********

Hello to all friends old and new.

It’s an exciting time for Michael and Myself as we have entered the studio to start recording our first album together under the name IDLE HOLLOW. (didn’t have to move far as it’s a home studio)

Now to explain. If you have read our biog then you will see there are two sides to IDLE HOLLOW. Full five piece band electric rock and a stripped down Acoustic act. The acoustic act is me and Michael. We hit the usual venues around the area and play a mixture of our full band stuff and songs that wouldnt sit right in a big rock setup. We had no intention of recording the acoustic stuff until we got the feedback we have, In all honesty it’s a little confusing now with the name. It might change!

Anyway back to the album. We kicked off at the start of January and plan to take our time and come up with the goods , so to speak. There is as yet no time scale but would like to think we could get things done (recording wise) in a couple of months.

We want to do this properly which includes promotion, gigging, album launch, selling blah blah blah. Keep checking this site for up to date info regarding developments.

We are filming the recording and gonna treat everyone to some vids through the process. Along with regular music updates. Sign up to our mailing list on this site and we will let you know when they arrive. Also keep checking the gig guide, trust us we are worth a few quid to come and see us.

The video may suggest a comedy vibe about the album, but in all honesty this is something we are both excited and passionate about and are taking it extremely seriously. This said, pass the vid around and promote us where possible. We want this to be big. If anyone wants to help us out in anyway please just contact us.

For now

Good luck to you all

********** Subject : Studio Blog 14/01/08
Posted Date: : 14 Jan 2008, 09:52 **********


And so it has started. We have had about three sessions on the album so far with the last being Yesterday. It’s hard to tell where it’s going at the moment as we are just throwing all our ideas down and seeing what comes out. Kent (Michael) brought three songs to the table yesterday so we concentrated on those. It’s good to see him writing again as it’s been awhile.

So far we have two finished tracks that were recorded prior to us conceiving the idea of the album, whether these make it on to the finished product i don’t know. The first being ‘Smiles and Lies’ which is labled as ‘Album Demo 2’ on the site. The second one is going to be posted up sometime this week.

Anyway back to the day job before a night of recording.


********** Subject : Studio Blog 21/01/08
Posted Date: : 21 Jan 2008, 22:44 **********

I had a long session on my own tonight and have written an epic, seriously it sounds huge. It’s the type of song that could end any album and do it proud. Currently under the working title ‘Beyond Belief’ (it’s not gonna stay named that) i have borrowed sections from ‘Underthreat Underhand’ which can be heard on the IDLE HOLLOW full band site. The song wasn’t sounding right in the full band practices so i took the best bits and created this. It was my song anyway so i don’t know why i’m explaining myself like ive done something wrong. Innocent i tell you.

Kent’s coming round tommorrow for a big night of recording so if anything worth telling comes up i will write again.

So far we have 6 or 7 good sounding tracks with a few minor ideas. It seems we can write a mean verse then get stuck for the chorus. Maybe we should have written the songs first before recording. Why change a habit of a lifetime.

I will add some bits of the new tracks to the player in over the next few days so check back real soon.

Sleep tight

********** Subject : Studio blog 29/01/08 ***NEW SONG***
Posted Date: : 29 Jan 2008, 21:01 **********


As you may have heard we have added a new demo from the upcomming album. The track is called ‘Circus’ and is an unmixed and unmastered demo. As always we would really appreciate it if you dropped off some comments.

We are pulling an all night session on Thursday so expect some studio updates over the weekend.

We are playing some kind of compititon for acoustic acts at the Shed on Friday (1st Feb) so if your in Leceister then pop over.

********** Subject : Studio Blog 03/02/08
Posted Date: : 04 Feb 2008, 00:26 **********

Hi All

Well it has been a strange end to last week.

Thursday saw an all night session in the studio by me and Kent along with some Vodka, which turned into Friday lying on the sofa in pain. This would have been ok if we hadn’t been playing in an acoustic compitition at The Shed that night. I recovered about 2 in the afternoon whereas Kent was about dead through till Saturday, so I had to do the Shed on my own.

It was a god gig and secured our place into the next round and impressed a few people which has possibly led to more gigs so it was well worth the trip over.

This aside the actual recording that took place on the Thursday night was a good session. We got some melodies sorted for some tracks and tested some others out to make sure they would work stripped down to two Guitars and vocals.

I will be adding some new tracks this week so please come back and listen and maybe even spread the word abit.


********** Subject : Studio Blog 17/02/08
Posted Date: : 17 Feb 2008, 02:57 **********


We are starting to get a feel of where the album is going now. It is really taking shape. I spent all afternoon writing and recording what is likely to be the track to kick off the album. Currently under the working title of ‘Walk the Earth’ , it sounds big. I aim to get it mixed tommorrow and have it on the site before the end of the day.

We plan to have a session on Monday and use it to finish off some tunes and start practising the new tunes ready to show them off at our up coming gigs.

Speak soon


********** Subject : Studio Blog 19/02/08
Posted Date: : 19 Feb 2008, 10:43 **********

A short session last night resulted in the start of what could be a 5 minute epic, initialy entitled ‘Penelope’. Quiet start, repetitive guitars, slowly building adding in bass and other things too. Just a demo at the mo but it’s an interesting prospect for us. Also after going through all the songs we have recorded so far, its sounding fairly fresh, with 2 songs complete plus 3 others only needing little tweaks. The opening track should be mixed by the end of the day or tomorrow and will be up on the site by Wednesday at the latest.

We’ve got a few gigs coming up too so if anyone could get down to one, we should be ready to play one or two new songs live. Also we give out free CD’s so come down for that if nothing else.


********** Subject : Studio Blog 04/03/08
Posted Date: : 04 Mar 2008, 17:22 **********


‘Penelope’ was finished last night. It sounds fantastic. I truely believe it’s one of the best songs we have written in our songwritting lifes. It’s a true Gem. It really works stripped down to two guitars also, so expect a live version very soon. The track will be online before the end of the week so please let us know what you think.

We are thinking of putting this album out under a different name as things are getting a little confusing with IDLE HOLLOW and IDLE HOLLOW Acoustic. Anyone have an opinion or a suggested please comment.

So things are looking good for the album.


********** Subject : NAME CHANGE
Posted Date: : 27 Mar 2008, 15:49 **********

As of today IDLE HOLLOW ACOUSTIC have changed their name to BARRICADES RISE.

The change is due to the Acoustic gigs/tracks taking on a life of there own and become something different to IDLE HOLLOW. The album cemented this.


********** Subject : GOOD NEWS AHEAD
Posted Date: : 01 Apr 2008, 16:36 **********


Over the last few weeks BARRICADES RISE have been storming through the heats of an acoutic compitition held at The Shed in Leciester. Were are not sure exactly what the prizes are but one of them is a slot at the GlastonBUDGET festival. All prizes aside it’s been a great experience to see some of what Leicester has to offer in terms of acoustic acts and to get some great feedback from people. The final is on 20th April and is held again at the Shed. If you can come over then please show some support.

We also recieved the news today that we have made it through to the GODIVA acoustic heats. HEY

The recording sessions are going well with new ideas still flowing. We have put some finishing touches to a few tracks Yesterday so expect to hear something new soon. Also, we have set up both a BARRICADES RISE ’Facebook group’ and ’Facebook Music Page’. Click here for the music page or here here for the group

There has been some talks about a pre-album single so keep those ears to the ground.

Speak soon


********** Subject : Studio blog 03.04.08
Posted Date: : 03 Apr 2008, 00:27 **********

3 songs locked and loaded. 3 songs pretty much there. 3 in development plus ideas floating around. Thats the state of the album so far. If everything goes as planned then we should be set for a May/June release with a single preceding it, free to download off a site.

The gigs coming up will showcase a few new songs and there will be free cd’s at everygig we do. These contain 1 song off the album plus 2 acoustic tracks done ’acoustically’ with just 2 guitars and 2 vocals. And they are free!

We are also hosting an open mic night at The Crown in nuneaton on 6th May so come down for that.

Track names so far (in no order)

Walk the Earth


The Preacher

Smiles and Lies

Between the Devil and the Deed Blue Sea

In Amongst The Answers

Michael x

********** Subject : New song – PENELOPE – and a bit iof news
Posted Date: : 14 Apr 2008, 18:16 **********

Hi All

we have added a new track to the player called PENELOPE. I think i spoke about it in a previous blog. Anyhow, it is here in its full glory (well with that added myspace crackle). It’s taken from the fourthcoming debut EP – BLUE PRINTS (working title) which will be available early summer.

We played our heat for the GODIVA festival the other day at the Hope and Anchor in Coventry and stormed through. it was a great night with some tough compitition. This Sunday sees us attempting to get on the GLASTON BUDGET festival in Leicester. If you can make it over to the SHED on Sunday night then please come over as we need some support.

There is going to be a feature on us at the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire website in the next few weeks, we will keep you posted as to when thats up.

Please send us some comments about what you think of the track and also spread the word, send out some bulletins regarding us. Lets get some more people hearing the tunes.


********** Subject : Sweet Victories
Posted Date: : 21 Apr 2008, 11:58 **********

Hi All

Well last night we wen’t head to head with 11 other acts in the BATTLE OF THE ACOUSTICS held at the Shed in Leicester. WE WON
Seriously we had a great night and played a blinder. It was one of those nights where everything went right. The victory now puts BARRICADES RISE on the bill for GlastonBudget.

We also qualified for the Coventry’s GODIVA festival so there’s gonna be some great gigs ahead of us this summer

The Album/EP is coming on strong and an end to the recording is in sight, just a few more sessions. The album is going to be made available via Download and a limited run of Hard copies will be made. Trust us it is sounding fantastic

Thanks for everyones support


********** Subject : Its done!!
Posted Date: : 29 Apr 2008, 11:39 **********

The Ep handed the batton to the last runner yesterday as all songs have been recorded. All thats left now is to mix and master, which will take around a month. A release of the single is going to be beginning of June with the EP to follow 2 weeks later.

We have a mini 4 day tour next week so check us out at one of the following

Sunday 4th the shed leicester

Monday 5th Whitefriars Coventry

Tuesday 6th The Crown Nuneaton

Wednesday 7th Moo Bar Leamington



********** Subject : EP DETAILS
Posted Date: : 15 May 2008, 14:25 **********


The EP is 99.9% done. Just mixing one last track and it’s onto the artwork and then over to the duplication etc…
The release date is set for June 21st with Walk the Earth preceding the album as a FREE to download single. The EP tracklisting is …

1. Walk The Earth
2. Smiles and Lies
3. The Preacher
4. Penelope
5. Paving Stones
6. Collapse

We aim to keep the price for both the download and Hard copy down to a minimum. It’s not about making money for us, just covering our costs as it’s completely self financed. The download will be avaialbe from our ‘Indie Store’ site which we will anounce shortly.

Gigs are stacking up around the EP release period so please come down and show some support. Plus you can pick up your copy of the EP at all gigs from the 21st.

Anyway. Do us a favour. Send a bulletin out to all your friends telling them to come check us out. It will be worth it



********** Subject : FREE DOWNLOAD SINGLE
Posted Date: : 26 May 2008, 00:40 **********

Hi all

As you know our debut EP is finished. We have decided to give away our first single to you for FREE. Walk the Earth is available at

It is released on 14th June and is now available for PRE-ORDER.
The EP ‘Blueprints’ is released on the 21st June and will be available for PRE-ORDER very soon.

Get on over to Indiestore and reserve your copy of WALK THE EARTH.

********** Subject : BLUEPRINTS EP – PRE-ORDER NOW – listen now
Posted Date: : 31 May 2008, 13:44 **********

Hi all

It is official, our debut EP ‘Blueprints’ is ready for pre-order NOW. As posted before we have released it through Indie Store and our site is located at;

You can preview all six tracks but please remember that the quality is not the same as the downloaded content just like the myspace player.

Follow this link – – to go directly to the EP and download it. We have set the price at a very low £3, which works out at 50p a track rather than 77p a track if you download them all seperatly.

Hope you enjoy


********** Subject : AN UPDATE
Posted Date: : 16 Jun 2008, 01:36 **********

Hi All

As of Saturday just gone ‘Walk The Earth’ our debut FREE single is available for download. Just go to

Also from that very same site our debut EP ‘Blueprints’ is available for Pre-Order. Come on guys we worked hard on this and you are supposedly our friends and like the music. Time will tell. It is officially released on Saturday 21st June

On July 4th we are having an official release party at The Crown Inn in Nuneaton. Tickets are £5 and available through messaging us or behind the bar at the pub itself. It is right next to the railway station. For that £5 you get acoustic sets from BARRICADES RISE plus a support act, The first public playing of the EP, Classic music played till late and most of all you get a load of FREE stuff. Seriously we are gonna have one hell of a party so please make the effort if your around. We want a full house.

The EP is currently being pressed and artwork is being printed and we are so excited to hear back from you guys with your opinions.

All of you should have received a message asking for your email address. We simply want to get you guys on a mailing list so we can keep you up to date with news and once a month send you out a free song. BONUS



********** Subject : THE LAUNCH GIG – IMPORTANT
Posted Date: : 29 Jun 2008, 08:44 **********


Just a quick message to invite you to the BARRICADES RISE EP launch gig this coming FRIDAY (4th July) at The Crown Inn – Nuneaton (near train station. 7.30pm start

It’s gonna be a massively wicked night with live acoustic performances by us and Steve Faulkner is supporting. We are giving everyone FREE stuff and some music to dance to at the end.

Tickets are £5 and available from either the pub itself or through us.

I would honestly love everyone to come. If you want to come then message me and I will put your name on the door and tickets will be waiting for you.

Jonathan (Tank)

ps – Blueprint is now available for digital download at
or available from the band at live gigs (especially the launch gig)

********** Subject : AN UPDATE
Posted Date: : 14 Jul 2008, 15:59 **********

Hey all

Just an update as it has been a busy couple of months.

OK… The launch gig was a great success. We played two sets and Steve Faulkner supported us and was amazing as usual. The highlight of the night had to be Stainey (ex IDLE HOLLOW guitarist) stumbling on stage for his raffle price of a well known Battery Bunny. A great night was had by all.

The EP is obviously now out and available at gigs and as a digital download at We are getting great feedback from people. It is gonna have a limited hard copy release of 200 so please snap one up quickly. Thoughts are already turning to EP number two and ideas are popping up.

Godiva was a nice day despite the weather. It was a new experience and worth doing.

We are currently working on a Barricades Rise website so watch this space.

We have loads of gigs coming up the local area and would love to see some of you guys there. We have setup an email mailing list. We send out one message a month and you also receive a free track for your troubles. If you wanna sign up just message us on myspace or email us at

Speak soon


********** Subject : The next move………
Posted Date: : 01 Aug 2008, 10:12 **********

Hi All

Hope all is as well with you as it is with us.

As it’s been a few weeks since the launch of ‘Blueprints’ we have had time to sit back and reflect on the EP itself and start to plan the next few months. We absolutely love the EP, We had fun recording it and the end result is fantastic. If you haven’t got a copy yet either go to or come see us at our up coming gigs and you can grab one there.

Despite all the above what we have realised is that ‘Blueprints’ is not a true representation of ‘Barricades Rise’ the live band and in reality, placed side by side, you could be forgiven for thinking they were separate entities. The simple fact is, the EP was built up to a full band as we simply wanted to create great songs with no real thought of transferring that to a live show. This has become somewhat problematic when coming to promote ourselves using ‘Blueprints’ to gain bigger and better gigs. Due to this we have gone straight back into the studio to record the follow up with the hope of a pre-Christmas release.

The plan is to record something that truly represents us as recording and live artists. We want people to listen to the new material and know what to expect when coming to a live show. One thing’s for sure it is going to be a fantastic record. We have already started recording a new track that has the potential to be an epic. All the live favourites are in contention along with re-recorded tracks from ‘Blueprints’. We will add tasters to the myspace site as soon as we have something worthy of your critical ears.

Don’t let this put you off purchasing ‘Blueprints’ as like I stated, it is a fantastic EP and something we will always be proud of, it just doesn’t represent the live show and as we see ourselves as a live act then that is a pretty big factor. As a recording it’s truly worth every penny.

Anyway….This month’s mail shot is about to be sent out via email, so if you wish to have some free music from us just message us, reply here or email us with you email address and we shall add you to the list. We only send out one message a month and you always get something for FREE.

Peace out people



********** Subject : THE YEAR’S END IN SIGHT
Posted Date: : 01 Sep 2008, 01:14 **********

Hi all

Well we have just entered September and after a busy first 8 months of the year here is the plan.

We are recording the second EP as you read this. This week sees us truely enter the studio and start going hardcore on it. Like i said in the last post it is going to be a better representation of us live. We will of course put some tracks up soon.

Due to the recording we plan to stay quite on the gig front up until Christmas, with just a select few gigs here and there. Try and make it down to some and you will here some new material.

We aim to hit 2009 harder than we have ever worked before. Time is getting on and we are getting older and we really feel that it is time to do everything possible to make the dream come true, so watch this space….. a new attitude, new songs and bigger and better things.

If you wish to get upto date info on BR and free songs/ free stuff please message us your email and you will be added to the monthly email newsletter.

Anyway, our next gig is actually tommorrow night at the Crown in Nuneaton so please come down and take a gander.

Sweet love

********** Subject : New demo’s from the album
Posted Date: : 04 Sep 2008, 14:42 **********

Wake and Control have both been added to our player. The stripped down songs are in contrast to the built up songs we recorded for our debut EP Blueprints. This is because we felt the EP didn’t capture our genuine sound, so we have gone back to the drawing board and are recording every one of our songs as we play them live, 2 vocals and 2 guitars.

The versions of Wake and Control are from a demo session we held way back in January for the demo’s of Blueprints, but were cast aside in favour of the more built up tracks. Seeing as we are going to release our album around December of our stripped down songs, these are back in contention.

Every one of our songs we have played live is being recorded again (including Wake and Control) to be included on our album. As there are around 15-20 songs we are recoding it’s possible that we might release a few singles to precede it, with 1 track from the album and then a cover or other song on side B (like the classic old 45’s).

The recording sessions are going fairly smoothley and as stated the album is pencilled in for a December release.

Hope you like the tracks



********** Subject : Recording Update
Posted Date: : 23 Sep 2008, 21:09 **********

The recording sessions are going well for the Album. We are mainly concentrating on getting all the songs down from the live set than recording new songs. That said a few new songs have been written during the recording process and sound great.

We don’t wont to rush the sessions and the album will be released when we are completely happy with what we have done. We see 2009 as a crucial year for us and want to start it with an album that sounds like us.

Outside the band things are a little hectic at the moment. Michael is moving house and I am getting married in October so we are both really busy. It’s hard to believe that in about 4 weeks i will be a married man. I still feel no different than when i was at high school which is almost 10 years ago now. Shit time flies.

If you havnt signed up to our mailing list yet you really should. Just message us or reply below with your email address. We send out one monthly newsletter with a FREE song.

We will post some new recordings up soon so please keep checking back.


********** Subject : Wedding bells and Winter smells
Posted Date: : 27 Oct 2008, 14:50 **********


Well I type this just a few hours after getting back from Turkey for my Honeymoon. One half of Barricades Rise is now married with the other half engaged.

Even though I only landed a few hours ago I went striaght to the home studio upon returning to demo a track that I wrote (in my head at least) on the return plane journey. It sounds great! I love it when you have an idea in your head and it actually transfers to instruments with no real problem.

The next few months are going to be taken up with recording, practicing and generally sorting some things out in the world of BARRICADES RISE. If you have read previous posts you will have noticed we are currently recording our debut album and this looks like it will be finsihed in the early part of 2009

We really want this album to sound like the BR of live and not like “Blueprints” (our EP released early 2008). Blueprints is amazing and if you havent downloaded it then your missing out, it is just it doesnt represent us as a two peice live outfit as we built each songs into a full band sound.

We aim to have some demos of the new recordings up real soon.

Anyway speak soon

Jonathan – BR

ps.. You can download BLUEPRINTS from

********** Subject : XMAS WISHES and A PREDICTION
Posted Date: : 17 Dec 2008, 15:18 **********

With the Christmas week being a hectic one for most people I though I would do the right thing and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

2009 is going to be a very busy year for BARRICADES RISE. Our debut Album will be released and from what we are currently recording it is truly going to be a must have for anyone who reckons there music tastes are worth anything. Admittedly we had hoped to be a little further ahead with things by this stage however, it is still in its early stages. That said we will be posting up some new tunes very soon.

There has been some interest from a UK film company to use two tracks from the BLUEPRINTS EP on a new film which is currently in production now. As soon as we know more about that we will of course post it out. BLUEPRINTS is still available at gigs and also as a digital download through indiestore

We have also started looking for the right kind of Management Company to help propel BR forward and get our music out to a much greater audience. We believe we have done all we can ourselves and need some pro guidance.

We are in talks with a few promoters at the moment sorting out a string of gigs for 2009. Like last year we want to get out and play as many gigs as possible but this time be a little more selective over venues. Festivals are also on our mind so please keep checking the gig lists.

If you would like to be kept up to date with important news from BARRICADES RISE then please message us with your email or email directly at

Until the New Year, smile you son of a bitch



********** Subject : No news is good news
Posted Date: : 13 Jan 2009, 16:42 **********

Now that Christmas and New Year is out the way the peddle is firmly pressed down on the album. 4 songs pretty much done, 2 brand new ones recorded yesterday and with about 7-10 to record still it is all systems go..
We will put up a few new songs on the player when we are happy with a mix, as we don’t want to rush out something we both aren’t happy with.
The gigging front is pretty bare mainly as we are using our time to record and have turned down a few gigs because of this, but there are still a few on the horizon. We play three dates in a row at the beginning of February – 3rd at The Crown, Nuneaton as we host the monthly open mic night, we will probably play a few songs. 4th at The Assembly Rooms in Leamington (We actually won this gig when we were in Idle Hollow, but are still playing it) and finally on the 5th at Olives, Leicester, a great little venue above a sandwich shop if I recall!
These gigs will mainly be to try out a few songs and so we don’t get too rusty!
The album has no release date as yet but keep checking back for an update. We are looking for Spring (that’s as precise as we are getting)
Finally we are hoping that one of the tracks on the album will be a duet with a female singer, just a little tit-bit to keep your minds guessing.

Til next time


********** Subject : NEW SONGS HONEY
Posted Date: : 12 Feb 2009, 21:19 **********


As you can see on our player we have uploaded 4 tracks from our upcoming debut album. We are really pleased with the results and can’t wait to get more finished.

Please take a listen to them and leave us a comment


********** Subject : KRISTY G and STEVE F in da house….Literally
Posted Date: : 24 Feb 2009, 22:29 **********

Hey All

Well we had mentioned that we have recorded a duet for our new album and a local lass with a voice of a thousand smiles was taking on a vocal role. Well…Miss KG is the girl for us.

Tonight we had the pleasure of recording her vocal tracks and as expected she oozed with professional flair (I bet she’s laughing at that if she reads this). We had a great session and came out buzzing about the song. There is still a little work to be done on it but as soon as it’s finished we will get it up on our myspace. We have some vids and pics from the session so will post them up soon.

Last week we had our first practice with the almighty Steve Faulkner on percussion. It sounds huge. The aim is to get him playing live with us at as many gigs as possible. The first being on the 13th March at Praha in Hinckley supporting Steve himself. Please come over it is going to be big.

In other news…..

* It’s a definite go ahead for some of our tracks featuring in a new Brit film called WASTERS, we are signing the contracts any day now.

* We are confirmed as one of the headline acts on the Saturday at this years GlastonBudget festival (Acoustic Stage)

* We have started a Twitter page (the things you sign up for when in a band) if your on it then please follow us

Please check out our gig list, we have a few local gigs coming up and would love to see some of you there.

********** Subject : Dont be a Twat be a Twit (Sorry that is awful)
Posted Date: : 01 Mar 2009, 12:23 **********

Hey All

Come follow BARRICADES RISE take on the world one twit at a time

********** Subject : Facebook verses Myspace – The fight of all fights
Posted Date: : 10 Mar 2009, 10:08 **********

Hi All

Just wondering are people still using Myspace as much as Facebook these days? I never set up a personal Myspace account so I can’t base it on experince but I feel that Myspace is just not as popular as it once was.

If you do have a Facebook account please come over and say hello –

Cheers all

********** Subject : Update for all
Posted Date: : 02 Apr 2009, 20:56 **********

Hi all

Recording is going well. Just put some finishing touches to a new track tonight that sounds great. Michael takes on some vocal duties and nails it. It’s kind of a duet chorus but not singing to each other if you no what i mean.

We are going to add some new tracks to the Myspace player very soon so please keep your eyes out for the bulletins.

We play COVFEST this coming Saturday and have a stage time of 7:45pm in the acoustic venue (Dogma). It is an all day event in two venues, Escape bar and Dogma. Please come and listen. Should be great day. We are also featured on the CovFest 2009 CD. ‘Penelope’ takes it’s place amoung Coventry’s finest so please grab a copy from the event.

Speak soon

********** Subject : Add yourself to our mail list
Posted Date: : 22 Apr 2009, 11:19 **********

We send out a free song every month to you from remixes to live tracks to totally unreleased never heard stuff that we did years ago. Only 1 email a month though so don’t be worried about spam! We will not give out your email address to anybody else.

********** Subject : New Website
Posted Date: : 29 Apr 2009, 15:52 **********

So we are getting off our arses and doing something. As well as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Last FM and ReverbNation we have gone all out and got ourselves a nice little website.

On the news front, we have 4 songs to debut on the sites next week so keep your ears out, so excited about the new album!

One final thing, if you wouldn’t mind, we have a few widgets dotted around the sites and you can add them to your own site to help us promote our music, even for a day. Much love

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