May 5, 2009

Third Barricade

Anyone familiar with the local acoustic scene will have surely heard of Steve Faulkner. He is a Hinckley/Leicester based singer songwriter, former front man of bands ‘The Heist’ and ‘Set in Stone’, Steve is a mainstay on the Leicester acoustic scene with his own heartfelt, yet powerful renditions of classic songs played alongside original material. So why are we pimping him here?

Now Steve is the Third Barricade!!!

We have enlisted him for Djembe duties at selected live gigs to add that something extra to our already stand out acoustic shows. Whenever we crossed paths on the acoustic scene in the past and Steve had his Djembe with him, he would jump onstage and play a few numbers with us and we always received great feedback from that. It seemed a natural step to have a few practices and do it properly.

We’ve done a few gigs together now and each one feels stronger. Please come down to our next few gigs to see this collaboration in action.

Check Steves solo stuff out at

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May 1, 2009

Blueprints and beyond

Nearly a year has past since we released our debut EP Blueprints. It was supposed to be the starting blocks to becoming the greatest band on the planet, but in retrospect, it was a false start.

Whilst recording the EP I was always tinged with a sense of trepidation, worries that ultimately came to fruition. The songs on it, all 6 of them, are fantastic and I, we both, love them dearly. So what was wrong then?

It wasn’t Barricades Rise

If you come to watch us you’ll be struck by the energy on show, and being an acoustic duo, it’s pretty startling, so the thought of adding electric guitars, drums, strings etc to the EP seemed the right thing to do; build up the songs so that they sound how we wished we would sound live. So we spent the latter parts of 2007 and beginning of 2008 doing just that, recording around 12 songs and picking the best. On the release night, we only played 2 songs from the EP, plus a load of our other songs we hadn’t recorded but have been playing for over a year, due to the fact we had built them up so much, when they were stripped down, we were unable to play them.. That point was realisation. What had we got on our hands? An EP (a bloody good one) with 6 fantastic songs on, that sound nothing like us in the slightest.

It was only around a month after the release that we turned and said, with a tinge of regret, “we had recorded the wrong way”. The EP’s still sold at gigs and online (you can still buy it from

From that point we set our sights on one thing, to write, record, produce and be proud of an album that was well and truly Barricades Rise, so in September 2008 we started to demo for the album. Live favourites that we unexplainably did not record for Blueprints were the first to be recorded. ‘Dazed’, ‘This Creation’, ‘Seperate Divide’ plus loads more have since been laid down in our home studio (The Barricade, maybe). We have spent the best part of 8 months gearing up for something that we both can be proud of, that will represent us 100%. The excitement surrounding this release passes the expectation of Blueprints by miles. The way we are live seemes to be captured on record. Sessions recording new music has been a joy, with not an amplifier in sight.

Over the next month we will be adding the finishing touches, adding artwork, proffesional photo’s and also song’s from the album will be put on our ever growing Internet sites.

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have enjoyed making it.


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