May 18, 2009

The Hind 15/05/09, Leicester – Review

Apart from nearly crashing the car outside the venue, the drive over to Leicester’s The Hind was pretty average, tunage coming from the randomness of the mp3 player.
We got there around 8.30 to a pretty sparse pub, but after half an hour it was pleasently filling up. Paula Driver has done some wonderful things with her own company and this was her battle of the band type competition running over a few months. There was a little bit of hanging around as there is at most gigs, before Paula took to the stage and performed 2 of her songs around 9.20. She’s really got a unique voice so if you get the chance go and hear her at her myspace site. Having been put on last at pretty much the last ten gigs we played, it came as a suprise that we were the first to go on. Before we went on however, we were told that as it was a competition we could only play 3 songs, with them being judged by a variety of people in different catagories, lyrics being the main thing. We opted for what we thought were our 3 most lyrically astute songs, but without losing that energy. We played Aftermath, This Creation and Dazed. It was a pretty great gig too. The crowd seemed to appreciate that we were not there to swell our ego’s but to entertain. The other act’s were ok too, the usual fare of female singer-songwriter, arty guitar boys and a young girl who had a nice voice and rapor with the crowd. We waited with baited breath, and a pint, to see who got through only to be told that it will be Wednesday when the results come out.

With Joa Bonamassa cranked up to 11 on the mp3 player on the way back home (Who killed John Henry? Blinding tune)it’s just a little bit more waiting, whatever the outcome we met some sound people with strong opinions and was nice to play again with Paula.


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May 15, 2009

Barricades Rise On a Brit Flick

We have had confirmation that two tracks from the ‘Blueprints’ EP have been added to the soundtrack of a new Brit film called ‘Wasters’. Both ‘Collapse’ and ‘Pavingstones’ will featured in the film which is is currently in post-production. Theres a little bit of info that can be found at

We will keep you informed when we know more.

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