June 3, 2009

The Crown (Our open mic night) 02/06/09 Nuneaton – Reveiw

When we first decided to host an open mic night in Nuneaton we were excited and had visions of a packed pub and a much talked about night. The reality of it is, over twelve months later, we have an average attended night that we are forced to play every month due to acts dropping out constantly. I bet we have only had all three ‘featured acts’ turn up about three times since we started this night. Truth be told we had made the decision to cancel the night after next months gig.

To our surprise all three acts had confirmed and turned up on the night (one was us by our own accord) a good start I hear you state. Well it was actually and to be honest I was initially looking forward to the night. We had Paula Driver playing and Kristy G and they played two blinding sets. We also had our friend Chris play a few tracks in the open mic section and a pub regular do a few songs later in the night. Again they played well. Despite this the night still felt sour. Our set was cut a little short due to running a little late and we played a below average set, however the fact was we had both well and truly had enough of running the night. There’s simply no fun left in it for us.

Looking back there was a lot more we could have done to promote the night however we both couldn’t muster up the time or effort to do it. We love playing gigs but the responsibility of hosting a night wasn’t the joy we thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong we have made a few fans through it and had the odd good night but the bad nights have outweighed the good and so it’s time to get out and concentrate on just playing.

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June 2, 2009

The Phoenix 01/06/09, Coventry – Review

The hours leading up to this gig were spent recording a brand new song, twice. After recording it once (every single part) the computer decided to nose dive and shut down. Having not saved it, we started to record it again from scratch. Finishing it around 8pm we decided to play it at the gig. We shot off down the A444, with a quick stop off at McDonalds, tunage coming from our own rough mix of 10 songs from our album (10! nearly finished!) and got there around 9ish.
The place had a few faces in it and gradually started to fill up more throughout the night. The venue is upstairs the popular student pub, previously (and to most still known as) The Campbell. The stage is well lit, there are a few sofas about the place and is well run by the young talented singer-songwriter Emma McGann. She kicked off the night pretty much as soon as we got there. Sweet voice.
It got hot. We hit the stage after a set from some guy from London (huge tall rugby player-type guy who apparently does not play rugby, simple yet pleasent songs) and then a 3 piece ‘band’ (2 guys, 1 girl and a djembe, bit too earnist for me).
Our set consisted of This Creation, The Last Serenade (new one we recorded earlier), Seperate Divide, Come Together, Messages, Aftermath and Dazed. The new one went really well, Jonathan missed the solo chords but it was the first time we played it. The crowd seemed to really get involved when we played Come Together and stuck with us til the end of the set, finishing Dazed under the lights covered in sweat, they applauded with enthusiasm and there were even a few ‘whoops’ and ‘whistles’. It was the best we’d played in ages.
We added a few names to our mail-list of world domination, got offered a gig in London, chatted to some guys who previously saw us play in Leamington a few weeks back (me being very drunk) and generally had a great time. The only downside was that I forgot to bring the box with our free stuff in to give away, as it was being used as a barricade to stop my kittens from electricuting themselves on my TV wires.

It’s the Crown tonight for our monthly open mic (9pm), then The Crown again Saturday for the beer festival (4pm).


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