June 12, 2009

Wasters Premier, Mini tour and more

This past Wednesday saw the premier of a low budget Brit flick called ‘Wasters’. It circles a day/night in the life of the bar staff at a Birmingham bar. We used to go school with the editor and he kindly asked us if we wanted to loan some of our songs for the soundtrack. Three songs from our EP Blueprints appear in the film, ‘Collapse’, ‘Paving Stones’ and ‘Smiles and Lies’. The screening was at The Castle Hotel, Tamworth and it was packed. Unsure of how our songs were to be used we attended with excitement. The majority of songs used on the film are all from Coventry bands, we recommended several of them to the editor, James Page, these including King Hermit and Trailor. ‘Paving Stones’ and ‘Smiles and Lies’ appear as background songs on a jukebox whilst ‘Collapse’ features in the foreground as one charactors motif, as it’s played twice. On reflection of the film, it’s a low budget take on Clerks, in Birmingham, that’s it really, I’m no film critic (although I like to think I am). The excitement of our songs on the big screen was fun and would be nice to have more opportunities like this.

In other news we start a mini tour tomorrow to promote the upcoming album. 5 dates are:

Sat 13 June Brasenose Arms, Croprody
Sun 14 June Eastfield Arms, Barnsley
Mon 15 June Millsys Bar, Earsldon
Tue 16 June The Sausage, Leamington
Wed 17 June Katie Fitzpatricks, Stourbridge

We’ll have free sample CD’s, badges etc at the gigs and at all other gigs too.
Finally we have decided on an album title, all to be revealed soon


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June 6, 2009

The Crown Beer Festival 06/06/09 – Nuneaton

Truth be told I wasn’t looking forward to this gig. I had spent the previous night ‘throwing shapes’ in the almighty 80’s bar Reflex and mixing ales with cocktails and paid for it the morning. We were given a stage time of 4 o’clock and at 2:45pm I rose from my bed after having a few intimate rendezvous with the toilet at around midday. Feeling Like shit I made my way down to the Crown and fought my way through a sea of people all there for the 50 odd real ales and live music that were on offer for the three day beer festival.

We had drafted Steve in on Djembe duties to give the set a added dynamics for the rowdy crowd that were watching and shouting along to a band fronted by the Bass player from the 60’s group ‘The Move’. We were on after him and before another full band. If you ask me it’s always risky putting an acoustic band after a full band as the crowd are usually pumped from a full blown electric set and its almost a come down for them in terms of dynamics. Still we took to the stage and was abandoned by the sound guy and left to crack on. We kicked off with This Creation followed by Screamager, Separate Divide, Come together, Aftermath and ended on Dazed. I had a few problems with the constantly lowering mic stand but overall we had a great reception and our Free CD’s went within seconds of us finishing our set.

We received some lovely words from people after the show and were offered another gig from it so battling with a self inflicted hangover was worth it in the end.


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