July 22, 2013

More From The Wirral – Liverpool Live TV

We mentioned in our previous post about our trip to Wirral and recording a session for LLTV (Liverpool Live TV). It was a blast to record and we got on really well with guys behind the cameras. Below is our session inter-cut with a brief interview



During our gig at the Coda Main on the same day, we got snapped by local Photographer Zev Levi Rogan, here are a selection of his images







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July 18, 2013

Up In The Wirral – Boys On Tour

Once a year we tend to do a gig where we pack an overnight bag and saddle up for a round of ‘Boys On Tour’. It’s not a tour really as it is often just one or two gigs in the same town that happens to be far enough away for us to justify getting a hotel. The last couple of years has seen us down in Norwich, but this year we headed to the North West……The Wirral

We had a Saturday afternoon session recording some videos for ‘Liverpool Live TV’ and then an early evening slot playing the Festival of Firsts at The Coda Main. The rest of the weekend was ours to do as we pleased. We were not alone in this journey, Michael’s dad (Vic), sister (Rebecca), brother (Rob) and brothers significant other (Marta) joined us and we had a cracking weekend.

The drive up on the Saturday morning consisted of mainly party music and the usual highbrow conversation that one would expect from us BR boys. Musically we went from Clawfinger to Mika and everything in between. This little snippet of gold shows us really connecting with the music on a higher level

Upon arriving we checked in to our B&B and was pleased to find it in the posh and picturesque end of Wirral. It was a lovely place and they made us feel very welcome. In fact, they allowed us to film a couple of live videos in their beautiful garden. Here’s one, what do you think?

After our fun in the sun, we headed over to Marco’s New York Italian in Hoylake for some more video recording for the boys at ‘Liverpool Live TV’. We were expecting to actually play a gig but it turns out it was just a video session. We didn’t mind and the chaps at LLTV were gents and offered to record three of our tunes (instead of just the one) due to the fact we had travelled so far. We also did a little interview that was recorded and generally shot the shit about bands and recording. Super great chaps and we look forward to seeing the videos soon.

Next up was the gig at the Coda Main. Within five minutes of entering the pub a fight broke out and people were kicking off. Of course we wanted to wade in a slap someone but our waistcoats could have been marked and they don’t come cheap 🙂
So, we took to the stage and played a decent set. The stage was so hot that my hair wax dripped in my eyes and rendered me blind for half a song. The pub was packed but unfortunately most people were just there for the sun and beer and not that bothered by the tunes. You could say we had a select crowd and they seemed to dig our vibe. Thanks to those who watched and praised us afterwards.


All our scheduled band duties were now finished so we all headed in to town for night out. Stopping off first for a curry with beer, then to bars with beer and finally a music club that served beer. We headed back to the B&B in the wee morning hours via a Kebab house that didn’t sell beer and finally a 24hr Garage that did sell beer 🙂 – A cracking night




We arose at 8:30am ready for full English breakfast and then headed down to the beach with our guitars and video gear. We recorded a few tunes on the coastal wall and generally took in the views. What a way to spend a Sunday morning. By this point we were missing our wives and boys and decided to hit the M6 and return home. We all had an amazing time and look forward to next years ‘Boys On Tour’ outing.



Usually I would sign off here however, that very same Sunday saw us gigging at Taylor Johns Bar in Coventry in the evening. We were obviously shattered from the journey home and our late night but we soldiered on. It was our first time at the venue and I’m sure it wont be our last. The place was filled with a mix of performers (there were 9 acts) and spectators. We were the one featured artists playing in the middle of 8 open mic slots. We stormed our set and loved every second of it. Thanks for those that come down specifically to see us, it’s why we do it and keeps us motivated.


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