August 13, 2013

A Personal Update – Jonathan

As Michael struggles with technology and figuring out how to work our new website, it falls to me to keep you occupied with blogs. So without further ado, I’m bring back an old favourite from the ashes of 2012, the catchy titled ……. WGOITWOOOTCFBRJE or ‘What’s going on in the world of one of the chaps from Barricades Rise – Jonathan Edition’

Band news
As most of you know, our album is released through Spectra Records on Sept 3rd and we have a meeting in the next few days to plan our attack on the world. We have some gigs booked and you can see them all listed in date order here. We’re also planning to demo for our next release in the coming weeks. A new album won’t be out for a while but we have songs that need capturing and nurtured in the live set and we may release some new music somehow in the next 12 months.

Music News
It’s all about the new Editors album for me at the moment. ‘The Weight of Your Love’ came out about a month ago and I haven’t stopped listening to it. A few tracks took a while to grow but once they did, the album became flawless. There’s been other albums and tracks that have grabbed me this year but this one has the crown at the moment. Hit it up on Spotify here. As I type this I’m listening to the Alt-J album which is weird but I like some of it.


Readers of previous blogs will know I fancy myself as a photographer. With a recent house move (more below) I haven’t had much of a chance to get out with my camera of late but I’ve been making plans to rectify this and will be out shooting again soon. Here’s my website, let me know what you think. I’m also on Facebook so please ‘Like’ and say hello
My latest shoot was for our local collage and their performance of Miss Saigon –


Moving House
Most of my free time has been used up by moving house recently. I finally have a house with a private garden for summer beer time and my son has his own room. It’s been relatively stress free but very time consuming. We are in now and I made sure the studio was the first thing to be completed. The new Barricades Rise HQ is fully operational.


My boy is now 16 months old and an absolute star. There is not much more to say other than he makes me smile every day and my world revolves around me making him smile.


Cool Stuff I’ve found
Over the last 12 months I’ve found myself on Youtube all the time. I’ve started to subscribe to channels and not just use it to watch videos of cats dancing. I’m subscribed to about 20 photography channels that all help me with my work, movie review channels, comedy channels, DIY homemade movie channels and anything else I find that interests me. Recently I came across a little cartoon show that depicts Superman and Batman just chatting in a café and I think I’ve struck comedy gold. I’ve been in stiches and watched them over and over again. Here’s the latest one

This guys has pieced together all the scenes up until July 2013 but his editing skills are not great and a few bits have been chopped off

The creators of these videos are called HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) and they have done loads of cartoon videos that will tickle your fancy.

Only a couple of days back I followed a Tweet to these Star Wars “Filmumentaries” and although I’m only half way through the first one, I’m hooked. They are fan made and probably the best documentaries style videos on Star Wars EVER. If you are a fan, take a look as he has done the whole original trilogy.

Star Wars Begins (A New Hope) –

Building Empire (The Empire Strikes Back) –

Returning to Jedi (Return Of The Jedi) –

So that’s my life at the moment. What’s happening with you? Let me know on Twitter – @jc_barricades or pop over to the Barricades Rise Facebook at



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August 6, 2013

The Fosberry Festival – The New Fest On The Block

I find it fascinating how gigs come about, how one gig can lead to another gig and the gaining of new fans. A month or two back we played a small gig as part of Folk on the Water 2013. The gig was great to play, the audience seemed nice and we generally had a good gig. Little did we know that in the audience were Sally & Helen, two lovely ladies that happened to like our performance. They got hold of our music and liked us enough to pop over to The Godiva festival and attempt to catch our set. I say attempt, as they actually went to the wrong stage (our fault for poor directions) and only caught our last song. Upon hearing about us playing Taylor Johns in Coventry, they dragged themselves along and managed to see us rock that night. On that very eve we mentioned our love of house gigs and before we knew it, we were booked to play a special street party for the ladies and their neighbours that took place last Saturday.

With the weather a little dodgy in Nuneaton, we headed over to Warwick expecting the street party to have relocated and morphed in to a house party however, the rain had bypassed Warwick and we entered the little cul-de-sac with the sun in tow. All the neighbours and friends were gathered in the middle of the street and people were lapping up the rays whilst knocking back Pina Coladas. They had really gone to town with bunting, loads of food and what seemed like beer on tap. Everyone was friendly and made us feel extremely welcome on their turf.

We set up our stage and blasted through a set of around 10 songs. The usual Banter flowed and some extra special mistakes were deliberately (honest governor) thrown in. Sally greeted every song with a loud ‘I Love This One’ and we had some audience participation with a little coaxing. Judging by the kind words afterwards, we made a new fan or two….Maybe this will add to the tangled web of events that all stem from The Folk On The Water Gig?

1011083_10151803806520692_909450637_n  954779_10151653371658821_2122779440_n

After we played we stayed for a while and chatted away with guests. Drunken plans were banded around to make this a yearly event and within seconds it had been named the Fosberry Festival. I’m pretty sure this is how Glastonbury started so watch out for Stones playing pretty soon (Obviously we shall be the headliners). The drinks continued to flow and Sally treated us to her own rendition of Cat Steven’s ‘Father & Son’ on her pink guitar. There is a video knocking around somewhere, but for now you will have to make do with this picture of her looking like the angriest person with a guitar ever!


We met some lovely people and were honoured that Sally and Helen wanted us to be a part of this special event. Thanks ladies



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