August 26, 2013

Coombe Abbey Video Session

Michael, myself and our families headed over to Coombe Abbey yesterday and we had a great time munching on a picnic. It was a lovely family afternoon and we took the opertunety to record a video session in the lovely picturesque grounds. Hope you like it

We managed to record two live tracks and we will be working on the other sometime this week. I also managed to capture a few images which can be seen over on my photography site here.
Unfortunately the afternoon was cut short as my son was stung by a wasp (he is only 16 months old) and we headed home for some cuddle time




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August 18, 2013

A Taster of Things To Come

Our album is due for release through Spectra Records in a matter of days and we are looking forward to seeing what happens. Although we are are currently dedicating our time to promote this album, we’re also demoing new material and we are extremely excited with the ideas that are coming out. Here’s a very rough extract from a mobile phone recording of a new songs called ‘Mexico’. It was the first time we went through it and everything is really rather raw, but I think you can hear that this will be a foot tapper live. Please comment and let us know what you think

mexico demo recording

We also had the pleasure of spending a morning at the beach whilst we were in Wirral last month. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to record a little video. Here’s Michael doing a solo version of ‘Folk Songs & Jazz Bands’ taken from our up coming Spectra released album ‘All I Have Is Here’



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