April 17, 2012

Michael’s book review #1 – Patricia Cornwell – Postmortem

As we’re blogging every day now (Sunday IS a day of rest), there are loads of non-band subjects that we’ll tell you about. One of which is my new section about books. I love reading and will take it upon myself to let you know what I have recently finished, weather you like it or not. I usually read a book every two weeks but since baby Oscar has arrived I have read a total of 5. I recently finished Patricia Cornwells first Novel POSTMORTEM.

The likes of Kathy Reichs and Michael Connelly write tense and page turning thrillers that I love to read and leave my brain on auto-pilot so I thought I’d give ‘the Queen of forensic thrillers’ a whirl as she seemed to be in about every charity shop in Nuneaton (all 16+ of them, grrr). It was written in 1991 and I was expecting it to be dated but, if anything, it seems quite modern. It was quite amusing to read about the dial up modem, the user codes and screen commands pre-Windows and mass Internet. Like a good thriller should, it placed several people in the line of the possible culprit and didn’t ease off til the last 15 pages. The protagonist is forensic scientist Kay Scarpetta who has flaws, (she smokes (INDOORS AT WORK!!)) and is a workaholic. There are hints of possible future stories as a few sentances suggest a hard up bringing, but leaves you hanging as to what exactly she has been through. No doubt throughout her millions of other books with Scarpetta, these will become evident. I thoroughly enjoyed my first forey into Cornwell and shall be revisiting after my mound of books to read has diminished some.

I’m now reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and will report back once it is complete.
M x

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