House Concerts – Live In Your Living Room

What is a house gig? I hear you ask. Well it is a gig in your house. Basically we come to your house and play for an hour or two and then leave and everybody is happy.

We have done a few of these now and they have been great nights. We turn up and play for you and your friends and generally have a great night. They are intimate and laidback evenings and it allows us to meet our fans face to face and for you to get to know us as people.

If you would like us to come and do a house gig in your living room then please email us at band(at) and let us know. In the meantime, here’s a couple of videos from a house concerts to show you how much fun things can be


What’s the cost to me

If you are booking us specifically for a house gig then we don’t charge for playing at all (although happy to take a pound or two if you want). We will obviously bring our CD’s and we hope we impress you guests enough for a few sales but essentially we do this because we love playing. I wont lie, people often do a small whip round and that is very much appreciated and helps us in recording our songs and getting them out to people.


What do I need to do

All we ask is you can get 10 or more people to come and watch us.  Also, a living room or garden to play in helps 🙂


What do we bring

All we bring are our guitars and a small speaker that goes between us on the floor. This speaker is simply to amplify Michaels guitar as Jonathans guitar is acoustically louder. No big PA systems or light shows, just an intimate gig.


How Far will you travel

Ideally we would love to say that we would come to you wherever you are however, mainland UK for now. Being struggling musicians, we have to do 9 to 5 jobs in the week so if it is quite a distance from our humble homes in the midlands then we would have to look at a Friday or Saturday night.


Will You Play my wedding or a birthday party

 I’m afraid we dont do weddings for various reasons but would be happy to come and do a house gig for you as a pre wedding party or after wedding party. We would also be happy to come on your honeymoon with you and do some gigs around the worl but we must ask you pay our expenses 🙂

With regards to parties. We are happy to play a parties but please think about whether everyone is really interested in hearing an acoustic band play at a birthday party? If so, drop us an email
We also charge for these type of events where we are not the reason for the gathering, that may sound weird but we do have our reasons.

Want more info or have more questions

Please drop us an email at