November 3, 2013

Gig Time – The Warwick Arts Centre

We have been gigging now as Barricades Rise for many years and the pre-show nerves vanished many moons ago. We of course get excited and on occasion we get a lone butterfly flapping away in our tummies however, we were both extremely nervous for this gig at The Warwick Arts Centre. I think it was a combination of never playing this particular venue before, the venue being a ‘proper’ venue and the fact that our fans were paying to see us due to it being a ticket affair. We didn’t want to disappoint and this made for a whole farm of butterflies in our tummies.

We spent the afternoon before the gig at BBC Cov & Warks promoting it and doing a live session on air. Things went well with that and our interviewer, Bob Brolly, was a pleasure to work with. You can hear the interview (its not all about the gig) and live tunes on the ‘Play It Again’ thing here for the next couple of days. We are about 1 hour and 12 mins in to the show




We had to be at the Arts Centre for 5pm for an early sound check. We were showed to our dressing room (oh yes) and then lead down the corridors to the back stage area where we got to hear Lucy Anne Sale finish up her sound check and they sounded great. Very tight harmonies and a jazzy twist to her tunes. After that we had a small Spinal Tap moment getting lost back stage and finally headed to the bar for a sneaky pint.

We wasted the next few hours feeling pretty ‘big time’ with some beers in our dressing room, before I managed to nearly blind myself with liquid nicotine in my eye (don’t ask). Eventually we were called to the stage and was greeted by a packed house who was made up with some amazing fans, family and potential fans (providing we performed well) 1390575_10152005223610692_792285358_n

We kicked off our hour set and the nerves started to melt away. Banter flowed, the crowd were amazing and we got through it with the usual feet stomping and sweat. Judging by the comments we got, we were on form and the crowd loved it. I think we made a few new fans also.




All in all we had a fantastic night and want to thank everyone that came down to see us. It means so much and we love you all.


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