July 8, 2013

Godiva Festival, House Gigging & A Manly Moustache

This weekend saw another busy weekend of gigging for us Barricades Rise boys. To be honest, it looks like every weekend for the foreseeable future is going to be taken up with gigs. But hey, that’s what we do.

Friday saw us back at Coventry’s Godiva festival for the fourth consecutive festival in a row (last year was cancelled). We were once again on the micro acoustic stage just outside the beer tents and our slot was at 7:15pm. We would’ve prefer a later slot but the organisers reasoning of us “Rocking hard enough to bring the crowds in” were hard to argue with 🙂 As with many of our gigs lately, we had a raft of familiar faces in the crowd and they all helped make it a cracking show. We played with as much energy as we could and the crowd seemed to jump on board with us. A fair few albums were sold and plenty of kind words exchanged. Thanks to Sam for asking us back and to all you lovely people that came over to see us.



Our Godiva Crowd.

A house gig in the neighbouring town of Hinckley was our gig of choice on Saturday. Lynda & Chris asked us to play their Cowboy & Indian themed shindig and of course we obliged. Lynda works with our wives at the local college and I have gotten to know her thanks to my Photography course’s there. With our good ladies in tow and Michael’s youngling by our side, we had a great afternoon at the party and enjoyed playing for everyone. Big thanks to Lynda and Chris for asking us, we truly had a lovely afternoon with great people and the food was amazing (please let me have the recipe for your homemade Barbecue sauce).


Possibly the Coolest looking band in the UK?


There was no official gig on Sunday however, I did take the guitar down to my mums retirement party and play a solo set. It was a short set of a couple of originals and a couple of covers (including a never before played cover of Cupid Inspiration’s ‘Yesterday Has Gone’) but everyone seemed to like it and a few made enquiries about future BR gigs)

All in all, when all is said and done, with greener grass on other sides and Andy Murray winning Wimbledon (on that green grass)…..It was a good weekend.


Ps. The new Editors album has grown on my that much, I think I may have to go to the doctors to get it surgically removed. Go check it out on Spotify here

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July 1, 2013

Three Gig Weekend

Last weekend saw us BR boys do the treble – Three gigs in one weekend. In fact, it was three gigs in 24h hours. In the past we have done this type of thing before but we are old now (both 30) and need our sleep.

Friday night saw us at the Maudsley playing the Ditch The TV night hosted by Malc Evans. DTTV is our favourite acoustic night to play period! It is such a great night with an audience made up of people wanting to hear music. It’s not in the corner of a crowded pub but rather upstairs in a function room where people specifically pay to come in. That’s not unusual in the ‘full band world’ however, most acoustic nights are free to enter and many of the crowd may well be regular drinkers in the pub and not necessarily out to hear live music. We were sharing the bill with Suzy Indigo and our old friend Stylusboy.

The place filled up before the first act went onstage and we were already buzzing. Suzy played a great set of ‘Jazzy’ tunes and her voice was extremely strong. Stylusboy followed and they hit the mark as usual. The new line up of Steve and Rachael made for some tight harmonies and their tunes were as good as ever.

We took to the stage around half 10 to a very appreciative audience that stayed on our side from start to end. The banter flowed and the tunes seemed to go down extremely well. We rocked out like there was no tomorrow and enjoyed every minute onstage. The audience, many of whom came specifically to see us, gave us some wonderful feedback. Many an album was sold and we left a little tipsy and high from the performance. Below are a few videos from the night. Excuse Michael’s strange choice of notes in a couple of the solos, he rocked that hard he forgot to play the right notes.


Photo by Redwood Photography – More on our ‘pictures’ page

The first gig on the Saturday was at the Lichfield Rock’s festival. We got to the pub (sorry, the name escapes me) and found the acoustic stage. The place was packed however, none of them seemed to be around the acoustic area and although we gave a decent performance, no one really got to hear it. We got a few nice comments but had to shoot off to gig number two.


Gig number two was a house gig for our mutual Twitter friend Fiona. She packed her garden with friends and took Barbecuing to a new level with a stone Pizza oven alongside the old familiar coals. The food was amazing, the people seemed lovely and the gig was a pleasure to play. We played for around 40 minutes and sold out of the albums we took with us. Fiona and her friends made us feel extremely welcome and we would like to thank her for a cracking evening.



After gig we went home in a tired haze wanting nothing more than our beds. We would like to take this opportunely to thank everyone that came down to any of the gigs this weekend and supported us. Next stop is the Godiva festival and another house gig next weekend. Check the gig guide to see when we are in your area.

Love to all

Jonathan x

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