December 12, 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like barricades – FREE Christmas EP

You know it has been a pretty uneventful year for the band when the last blog was back in January. To be honest, that shocked me and made me realise how slack we have been this year…Kind of

Outside of the band we have been extremely productive. Michael’s shop had it’s one year anniversary and he is doing amazingly well both as a bookshop and as a music venue. Check out The Big Comfy Bookshop now and see what he has been up to. I’m about to finish my first year as a wedding photographer (see Coates & Stain) and building my family photography up too. Add that all to the fact we have kids, wives and personal lives, it hasn’t left much room for music this year.

The good news for the band is that we are ready to start recording for album 3. We both have songs that we are excited to get out and I expect recording to commence early next year. The aim is to get a late spring/summer release but hey……..don’t hold us to that.

With all that aside, we really wanted to keep the tradition of our free Christmas download release going. So I give to you… It’s beginning to look a lot like barricades

It's beginning to look a lot like barricades

This year we have recorded a cover of the classic ‘A Winters Tale’ originally performed by David Essex. As always, we have bundled that together with our previous festive covers and you can now download all 9 tracks free of charge from our bandcamp store here.
Please feel free to share the love and post about it on social media and we hope this gets you in the festive spirit.

If we don’t blog before then we wish you all a very merry Christmas

Jonathan (& Michael)

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October 16, 2014

The Last Gig of the Year

As avid readers and band followers will know, we are on a bit of a live break at the moment whilst Michael’s shop is in its infancy and our new bigger families get some well-deserved attention. We haven’t gigged for a couple of months and are not booking anymore until the New Year. That said, we had one more gig left to play that had been booked for about a year. That gig was last Saturday

It was a rather special night organised by Mark and Maggie who have had us over for house gigs a couple of times before. The evening had a tinge of ‘Later With Jools Holland’ about it as there were 7 acts all set up on a single stage ready to perform a few songs each. Alongside ourselves there was a Metal band, a couple of soloists, a Swing band, a Choir,  a Celtic/Roots/Rock band and even a Morris Dancing troop. It was a fantastic mixture of musical genres and the audience (of I believe 250 ish) loved it.


We felt we played a storming set and the audiences reaction seem to confirm that. Our CDs flew off the merch table and the kind words we received made us pine for the stage once more. A massive thank you for Mark and Maggie for choosing us and we hope to see you back in Bedford next year



Christmas Update
For the last few years we have released our collection of Christmas covers to you all on December 1st. We always record a new cover and bundle it with all the others we have done and put them out for a free download for the month of December. We are checking our schedules and doing all we can to get another one done this year too but at the very least, we will put out the all we have done so far as many of you lovely people may not have heard these before. Stay tuned for more information closer to December




ps, Whilst we are on our gigging break, we have toyed with the idea of sending our eldest sons out on the road in our place. Alex (my 2 year old) has mastered vocal duties on Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Horsey Horsey whilst Oscar (Michaels 2 year old) is focusing on guitar duties (see below)


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