October 21, 2013

BR Carve 2013 is here

It’s that time of year again when things get spooky and we get frisky? Also, its BR CARVE 2013 (Applaud here)

Yes, the success of BR Carve 2011 & BR Carve 2012 we were always going to do BR 2013. It’s how we roll

What is it?
Carve a pumpkin (or any fruit/veg for that matter) and post it to us on Facebook and/or Twitter and the winner gets FREE STUFF. The winner will be picked on Halloween

Here are a selection of previous entrances to get your creative juices flowing


318424_305418616142058_100000217666124_1430335_549226750_n 20121018_085035 300496_10150433734040692_15621025691_10921043_76086442_n 311928_10150431089165692_15621025691_10908120_1038555904_n 312263_10150349285208742_652183741_8398610_1955735998_n BR Crave 680447286


Some quality and some questionable but its all fun and games.




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