March 26, 2014

We’ve been writing new songs

Since Christmas we’ve not really got back into the swing of things. We’ve still been trying to meet weekly but a lot of the time, as my shop is edging nearer and Jonathan’s photography has taken off a little, plus toddlers, it’s been difficult. However, we have still be writing and trying to squeeze in gigs. Although we only have a handful booked we’re going to try to get as many new songs in these sets as possible.

Barricades Rise with Michael’s brother Rob

We have currently played two new songs a few times. ‘All I Wanted Was A Lover’ is the more confident as we’ve played it more and worked out how we want it to sound. ‘Mexico’, the other tune, is slowly getting there and needs just a few tweaks. There are around 4-5 really good ideas going on too and last night when we met up we pretty much nailed a new song. It’d been the first song we’ve written together for a long time as All I Wanted Was A Lover was written by me and Mexico by Jonathan. This new one is a total 50/50 split both musically and lyrically. It’s a very fun bouncy song and if we manage to find time to work on it in April we may début it at our gig at The Maudslay on April 26th.


As we’ve been stuck in a rut we had a few long chats about what we expect and want this year. This lead to us asking my brother Rob to come along for a few sessions. Although we’ve only managed one session together we still ended up recording a great chilled version of our song Roundabouts (originally from All I Have Is Here). The idea was to film it using a three-camera technique which involves getting three cameras and pointing them at us. All this technical stuff seemed to have worked out. Here’s the finished video. It took about 2 hours from turning up, jamming, and having 3-4 takes so we’re thinking we’ll do more of them if we find time.

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March 13, 2014

We Are Still Here

Can’t help but feel a little guilty that we haven’t blogged since January. It’s been too long and we apologise. We have been doing things, we’ve just not had the time to update this blog.

Since we last wrote we took a trip down to London and played at the Pelton Arms again as part of the Icarus Club. We hit this joint last year and had a great time. We jumped at the chance to get down south again and had a great evening. We stayed the night at the pub, drank some ale, ate some lovely pub grub and inhaled the banks of the Thames. I became an honorable member of the McEntee crew as Michael’s dad and brother also came down with us.




We also filmed a couple of live videos in our hotel room. Here’s the first and it’s a version of ‘Just For Tonight’ from our album ‘All I Have Is Here‘ which is creeping back in to our live shows of late. We’ll début the second video soon.


We also went back to Bedford and played a lovely house show for Maggie and Mark (our second for them) and their lovely friends. The gig went great and I reckon we made some new fans 🙂
Once the house gig was over, we packed up the gear and moved down to The Devonshire Arms at the end of the street to play an evening session. Another good day for us BR boys

We did a low key local gig at The Chess Centre in Camphill last week. Numbers were low but we played well and put some different songs in the set to keep us fresh.

The new album is still being written and 2015 seems to now be a realistic time for it to drop. We are both coming up with some great tunes but want to make sure this album is the best it can be. We have two new songs we’ve played several times in our past handful of gigs. That said, we will have some kind of new release (or two) this year and we will be recording loads of live session videos that we will get out to you throughout the coming months. We are also having a play around with a third musician who may come on the road with us for certain gigs and add his talents to some of our up coming recordings, more on his identity and new stuff later.

Before any of the above happens, I plan to welcome in my second child in a couple of weeks. It’s an exciting time and we cant wait. Will let you know how that all goes when it happens.

Speak soon

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