September 24, 2013

A long and winding update

Since we’ve ‘moved home’ from our old website I have left it up to Jonathan to update all things BR. It wasn’t my choice to not update as I actually have no clue how to update this blasted website! So can you hear me? Hello?

Barricades Rise – Models for hire

Since our last update the album is ‘Live’ and can be bought on itunes, Amazon and also  from our website by clicking HERE. And not forgetting gigs. Also available as we’ve been inundated with requests is a second pressing of our debut album You and Your Adored. Get the CD or Download from HERE. You can hear both albums on Spotify too.

To promote All I Have Is Here we took it upon ourselves to book quite a few gigs and we’ve been all over. We headed to Coventry for a nice half hour chat and to play live on Radio Plus just a few days before the album was released. A few weeks ago we headed down to London to play at the Pelton Arms (famous for being The Nags Head in Only Fools and Horses). Considering we’ve only played London once before, 4 years ago, we had loads turn up to see us! We played a 10 minute set that went down a storm, then an hour later played another 10 minutes where we had the crowd cheering so much it was deafening. We will definitely be back there soon! We were offered several beds for the night but ended up staying at the venue and having a big breakfast the following morning.

The morning after, at the end of the road is The Thames!

We couldn’t stick around though as we had a BBC interview and a gig the next day. We’ve been into BBC Coventry and Warwickshire a few times before and it was lovely to be back. We played a few live songs on the Justine Green show and chatted about Barricades Rise. We were in and out in half an hour then sped along to Corby for our first gig in the town. After riding on a high for a week we crashed down though as I had contracted a cold, the England match was on and we generally were ignored. A shame but we ploughed on anyway.

The Saturday saw us play a house gig in Bedford for Ali’s 40th birthday (Happy Birthday!). It was full of kids who loved the first song but then thought it was all a bit too loud! We had fun and managed to slip in a few new songs.

You’re beautiful. Bedford house gig

One place we’ve only skimmed the surface of is Derby having only gigged twice in 8 years there. The Quad, a wonderful art space, asked us to play so we jumped at the chance and performed to poets, a ukulele orchestra and strangers. It was a great gig and we stayed long after to chat to lots of people. The local photography club was even in attendance so we felt a little famous as 10 lenses clicked away at us for an hour.

Last weekend we also played a house gig in Redditch for Mia’s 10th birthday. Turns out she is a massive fan and was singing along! The lovely hosts laid on curry, pork batches, chilli and cake and we made good use of it all.

We returned to Coventry last Wednesday to play at The Litten Tree. Each time we’ve played it’s been a hoot and it was no different. We stuck in a few new tunes and I even struggled through my cold. Jonathans Mum and Dad, plus a few tables of fans from Warwick and Coventry turned up so it was a nice get together!


To top it all off, Radio Warwickshire asked us to play a few live tunes and chat about us this past weekend. We ended up playing 10 songs and talking for an hour! It can all be heard on these two audioboo clips. Click Here for part 1 and Here for part 2. Including string breakage!

The team at Radio Warwickshire

We’re actually slowing down a little now as we’re working on new material. We have a few gigs booked with November 2nd at Warwick Arts Centre being a huge one for us and finishing the year on a high in our home town Nuneaton, which we haven’t played for 3 years, on Jonathans birthday November 29th at The Horseshoes.


One exciting piece of news is that we are working with students at Noth Warwickshire and Hinckley College. They will be producing some images and designs for future merchandise, all ready to be release for our Warwick gig on November 2nd. We went in and gave a top quality powerpoint presentation and played a few songs for them, we look forward to seeing their designs in a few weeks.

As Jonathan is a photographer, I thought it only fair that I take some photos so on our London journey I went all out. Jonathan was telling me to take pictures of broken, derelict places. I ignored and became a tourist. All taken from my phone whilst Jonathan was driving. So much better don’t you think?


The Olympic thingy


Canary Wharf really far away


The back of a red bus by some graffiti art


Canary Wharf a bit closer but still really far away


Just to prove these are not stock photos, Jonathan pointing at Canary Wharf


OMG a red bus


OMG a red tardis


The Pelton Arms, notice the sign says The Nags Head!



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