September 26, 2012

LOOK! It’s new music! From us! WE’RE ALIVE!!

The past few months for us have gone like this

‘D’yer wanna meet up this week’
‘Yeah, alright’
‘Fancy demoing a few bits and bobs’
‘Sure, how about 3 weeks on Tuesday for 15 minutes’
‘Can only do 10 minutes I’m afraid’

With my bookshop and son taking up all my time, and Jonathan becoming the new Spielberg or Ed Wood along with looking after his son, it’s hard, incredibly hard to get new music done. I sat down for half an hour a few weeks ago and just blasted through my lyrics, riffs, melodies and basically tried to mangle something together. I came up with a new song I actually really like called ‘No Rope’

Take a listen by clicking HERE, and remember, it’s just a quick demo recorded with 1 microphone.

M x

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September 11, 2012

Keep Searching Young One

I know this is a completely pointless post but I like the picture and want to share it.

A friend of mine posted a picture of his child rummaging through his CD collection and I happened to spot in the bottom left hand corner, tucked between music giants REM, U2 and All Saints,  both our ‘You & Your Adored‘ and ‘All I Have Is Here’ albums. I like to think that she is saving the best until last and not that she may have thrown them furthest away 🙂

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